A Visit from Matilda

It’s not often your daughter gets a tooth knocked out while at Cheer practice… you could imagine my shock, right?  Nope… We’ve been waiting on this tooth for three weeks!  So we sat in the bathroom as I waited, and laughed, and begged my daughter to just “pull it out already” (it was hanging on by a thread).

This kid loves to watch herself pull her own teeth.  Frankly, it’s disgusting.  But she makes me (and herself laugh) while she does it. She won’t pull on it, she’ll just twist or press it back. Every once in a while she’ll grab onto it & when she chickens out I smack her arm really fast to try to get it out by surprise … And we both belly laugh.

This is tooth number five. Last night she prayed that she would get “lots of money” from the tooth fairy. Consistently, the tooth fairy has brought five dollars for clean teeth; and has even left the tooth for mom & dad as a souvenir!

This morning, she comes upstairs… “Mommy, remember how I said I wanted $20?! She left me 20 quarters! AND she let me keep my tooth!”

I love that our tooth fairy has a sense of humor…
This has been the best visit from Matilda, yet!

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3 Tips for Beating the Summer Heat with an Infant


Over the weekend, my family and I went swimming.  A fun, summer past-time, that almost everybody loves to do!  This year, while we were blessed to bring a handsome little man into this world without going straight into cold & flu season, we instead found ourselves having to fight the major heat waves of an NC Summer.  But when your doctor tells you that a chlorinated pool isn’t good for an infant under six months, due to the gases that rest on top of the water in a baby’s face while they’re in a float, it really limits the amount of summer fun you get to have.

Our little guy loves the water!  So we decided to put some mommy-hacks to the test and found out that its really easy to beat the heat with an infant!

  1. Don’t waste money and effort in purchasing newborn swim diapers

    These are GREAT! But only for the kids who can stay in the pool long enough for the diaper to start deteriorating.  Infants should only be in the pool 10-15 minutes at a time, not just because of the chlorine gases, but because they can’t regulate their body temperature well.  For the 10 or so minutes you’ve got Little Bucky in the water, a Huggies diaper works just fine!

  2. Create your own shade

    Who says umbrellas are just for rain? Dark colored umbrellas are the perfect shade-makers. Plus, they’re made to get wet!  So bring your favorite umbrella in the pool with you and keep baby happy, while protecting him from the sun, since he can’t wear sunscreen yet!

  3. Keep ’em cool

    The baby sunglasses make random people “ooh” & “ahh” over how adorably cool your baby is and they protect baby’s eyes as well.  Keeping up with the latest baby fashion is great, but keeping your baby cool on other levels is of more concern.  Not only is regulating their body temperature in cold water an issue, but doing so in the heat is as well.  So make sure they have light colored, cotton, onesies & tee’s (if you even have a shirt on them).  Lastly, a small, but powerful fan is a great addition to their poolside naps in the stroller.  One like this is perfect as its battery powered, has a strong clip, and two power settings!

[Click the picture to get it cheap on Amazon.Com]

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